Shipping Vehicles to CollegeGoing to college? Want to take your car with you to campus but you’re not sure how to manage it logistically? The answer is simple; have the car shipped! Auto transport services are priced to move and this can be a great way to not only find someone reliable to move your vehicle, but also at a great price. Every year thousands upon thousands of students either go to college for the first time or are going back to school after the holidays, but either way it can be a nightmare to get your vehicle to you if you’re going to college.

Do you live on one side of the country and go to school on the other, or did you get accepted to a school across the country? Auto transport services are definitely something you’ll want to look into then, because it’s going to save you a lot of money compared to driving it. With the price of gas, food and lodging for a 3-5 day cross-country road trip, you could easily save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by eschewing that and shipping your car.

But what about the rest of your stuff? Plenty of college students move more than just their car when they first get into a new school. Say you live far from school, have a small sports car, and need to bring an entire apartment worth of items with you. You could easily use a larger vehicle to haul all your stuff while your small car is being shipped. You could also ship all of your items, including your car, and take a plane to school. With any of these situations, your car is able to be awaiting you at your destination!

How you get to school is ultimately up to you, but we here at Motor Movers Auto Transport are here to help you with anything and everything car transport related. It’s our job, and we’ve been doing it for years now – and we’re pretty good at it, too. Our experienced staff members have experience with all types of customers including young college students looking to get out on their own for the first time. It’s easy to get a quotes to ship your car, but not every shipping company out there is made up of the same stuff that we are. We believe in honesty, integrity, hard work – and we stand behind our work, 100% of the time.

You can fill out our free online quote request form and have a customized auto transport quote sent to your e-mail, and if you include your telephone number one of our friendly staff members will give you a call. You can also call us up at our toll-free telephone number and speak to one of our agents yourself if you’d rather. Either way, you’ll get a free quote to ship your car to wherever it is you need to go – and you can’t beat that.