Might be an INOP

If you have a vehicle that has seen better days and is currently unable to run, start, brake, steer, or roll you will more than likely need a special truck to complete your shipment since the vehicle is inoperative. The special truck that is required will be equipped with a device called a winch. A winch will allow the driver of the truck to safely load and unload the vehicle in a very controlled manner by guiding and pulling the vehicle onto the trailer.

You will find that there is an additional fee if the vehicle is inoperative due to the extra time and labor that must go into loading and unloading these vehicles. We urge you to entrust loading and unloading inoperative vehicles to an experienced professional that is knowledgeable in this area. Trying to do this task by yourself can quickly and unexpectedly become an unsafe situation for both you and the car. When trying to transport inoperative vehicles long distances, look no further than Motor Movers Auto Transport to complete this task for you!

Inoperative vehicles are shipped on an almost daily basis, and while a special winch will be required to load and unload your inoperative vehicle, not all auto transport carriers actually have a winch attached, so your pickup window may be extended by a few days if we’re having trouble finding a carrier that can handle your inoperative vehicle. The reason for this is that the winch is a special attachment on an auto transport carrier, and it’s pretty expensive to install and operate. Also, since the vehicle cannot be driven onto or off of the truck, it’s going to take a bit longer to actually get the vehicle loaded and unloaded, which ends up cutting into the driver’s pickup and delivery schedule.

We can ship an inoperative vehicle from anywhere, to anywhere in the U.S., and in addition to providing door-to-door auto transport services for inoperative vehicles, we also work with Copart and IAAI insurance auctions for in-ops  as well as all auto auctions, such as Manheim and Adessa. Auto auctions are quickly becoming a major source of customers for many an auto transport company, and as their popularity grows more and more shippers will be able to ship from auto auctions – but not all do, and we definitely can help you there. Give us a call at our toll-free telephone number, or fill out our free online quote form, and you can see for yourself all the things that we here at Motor Movers Auto Transport can do to help you with your inoperative auto transport needs.